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Found the lowest price

I found the lowest price, checked the airline & other travel fare websites, but Hopper found me the best deal! Saved money so I can use it for my trip 👍

Very pleased!!

I am satisfied with the ease and usefullness od this app!


Fast accurate and love how easy it all went down

Awesome !

I love this app ! Booked my flight nice and easy ❤️

Can't edit searches in iOS 12

I'm beta testing iOS 12, and I can't edit my searches.

Great all

Had to book flight for the holidays, I’m very busy and Hopper made it very easy for me with their ability to keep an eye on the trip for me and send me notifications for cheapest prices.




I set my dates THEEE TIMES. After i paid, it looked to be okay. Until the airlines said hopper picked alternative dates. I had to buy a full new round trip same day. Disaster! The creator should be executed.

Needs new update

When I try to change the departing location for the “anywhere” feature it does not load the airport I try to search for it just shows the loading screen.

Continuous server problems

It constantly runs into server problems.

Hopper is hipper!

Love this app. Well worth checking in🛫🛬🚀🛸

The easiest way to buy tickets and extra cheap!!!!

Hopper is a great tool super easy and friendly to use! Is very fast and accurate; it always shows the the best options too and is very simple to understand dates, flights details and the fee is $3.


Easy to use, easy to book, and awesome flight found for us!! Thanks, Hopper!!!


The app took $10 out of my account, without notifying me or asking for consent, for no reason. I’ve never booked a flight with this app, so why would they charge me $10?! I went to the terms & conditions tab and the contact information for corporate is out of service!!! The flights that they offer are not up to date and always sold out. Nice idea, bad execution.

• free bunny offer!

re: free bunny for five star rating offer free bunny, please! please include bunny care instructions veterinary papers and bunny air travel crate thank you!


Deberían dar los pronosticos de tarifas para vuelos específicos en lugar de general. De lo demas por el momento bien!

Will change this based on how my November anniversary trip goes.

I saw some recent reviews saying that the flights were changed around and around. I don’t want that to happen to us on our anniversary trip to the Bahamas and Miami. I think the app is cool and it has a great idea but I need to see if it actually performs correctly. I will update after 11/20/2018

Best Travel App Ever!

I have found unbelievably cheap fares here that I couldn’t find on any other booking site. And I love their fare predictor because I know when I’m getting it at its best value. I highly recommend this for those who do a lot of traveling.

Best app

One of the best app for finding and purchasing flights

Terrible app

I waited a week to book a flight, as the app suggested, only to find that the prices did not drop at all. When it finally told me to book my flight I had to spend $300 more per ticket than I had planned. Terrible advice and an absolute waste of time.


Amazing way to save lots on tickets if your patient.

No hassle booking

Love how easy the features are...your able to play around with dates landing you the best lowest fares compared to other websites.

bomb flight app

notified me and somehow got a trip to hawaii from dc round trip for under 400


I like that Hopper is helping me track prices of tickets


I absolutely love this app it is so convenient and updated!

Best prices

Love hopper always get the best price

Thank You!

Thank you Hopper for making it affordable to see my Navy stationed kids! Grateful 🙏🏻

Just beginning

Well joining and booking was easy! If all goes well I’ll let you know!


Take the price and add $5.00

This app I totally useless

There are a ton of cheeper flights every where or may be I just don’t get the idea?

Best app for checking for low airfare prices

I have used many to search for the lowest airfare. Love the monthly/yearly comparison. Makes it easier to plan trips! Thanks!

Fantastic app to compare itineraries!

The best app to compare so many variables when you travel. The benefits are cost savings and the go to app for what is appreciated over and over. Thank you Hopper!


I’m already in love with my app Hopper.

Very helpful tool but does this crash regularly?

About once or twice a month I lost all My data, trips I’m watching etc. then I have to sign in and sometimes it opens a new account? If it gets fixed it’s great to find the best deals. Always scroll down for tips on saving money. And rather than stops or in addition to, would be good to have fastest or slowest flights. Then it would be orderly.

Best Travel App!

I’ve tried them all and Hopper always has the best prices. My favorite feature is the ability to just say where you want to go and you’ll get price update alerts. Now send me my bunny! 😉


That was easy! I’ll rate it again after I see how the flights turn out!

Love this app!

Such a great and easy to use App! Love the bunny too!

Keeps you updated

I like how it keeps me updated on my trips. It’s informative.

Crashes Constantly

Updated it the other day, and I’m still having the same issues with crashes and watched flights. Whenever the watched flight has an update, and they try to send me a push notification, the notification crashes the entire app, disappears from my notification history, and wipes out all the currently watched flights that I have. The watching feature is the main one for me, so if it doesn’t work, there’s no point in having this app.

The best app for traveling!!

I love Hopper! It has literally saved me so much money ! I use it all the time!


Every time I’ve tried to book a hotel app keeps glitching and closing itself out. I’ve tried at least 10 times I give up at this point.

Australia for three !

I was very happy with Hopper when I reserved three flights within Australia for three people. It was inexpensive and the price was great. I just used Hopper again for a 2019 trip to London. Very Pleased!

1 Star


Quick & easy

First time


THIS APP IS A SCAM. I had a trip coming up and used hopper hoping the prices would come down. The app assured me the tickets (starting at 509 when I first got on) would go down to $470. So I waited of course. I had my notifications on and checked regularly and it kept telling me to wait wait wait. All of a sudden, in a day, the prices jacked up to $550 and the app told me they would get higher and I needed to book. The promise of going down never happened and instead the prices went up!!! I will never use this app again and will tell all my friends and family the same. Don’t waste your time and money!!!!! The app completely lied about the prices dropping and they in fact RISED!! I could’ve booked three months ago when I first looked for $50 less.

So awesome!

Hopper has helped me to get really inexpensive fights in a hurry!


Kept me updated with the prices and when the expected fluctuating dates were expected to happen!

Amazing app!

I travel a lot and use this for all trips: domestic and international. It's accurate and easy to use. I wouldn't know what to do without it❗️

Pretty good (mostly)

I've had pretty good luck with Hopper. My only complaint is that sometimes (like today), it's hard to find out EXACTLY what you'll pay for baggage. They may provide a link to the airline's policy, but the info isn't always clear. Also, like today, it can be IMPOSSIBLE at times to find out how to pay for baggage at the time of booking! 😤 My friends and I all want to check a bag, but I couldn't find out how to pay for it during the booking process. I'm be so angry if I have to pay a huge fee at check-in!! 😡

Selecting Dates is non responsive on mobile platform and needs to be attempted several times

Selecting Dates is non responsive on mobile platform and needs to be attempted several times

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