Hopper - Book Flights & Hotels 앱 리뷰

so helpful and speedy

i purchased a ticket twice on accident (>24hr). I called to cancel and they were very helpful fast and were able to cancel my duplicate ticket.

Best App

Hopper is very reliable, has yet to let me down. I love it!

Would not load

It kept asking me for my phone number and I enter it. It would send me a link and when I go to the link it would say it was loading constantly and never loaded. I deleted off my iPad. Thank You

Nice, but ..

I really like it, but I can't use it without signup which I couldn't bescause I don't recive verification message with Saudi arabia phone number (+966)

Not showing airlines

Not sure what is going on with this app but it only shows hotels and doesn’t allow you to see flights. I have deleted it from my phone.

Easy! Fun!

I love watching that bunny hop across the screen! New favorite app for travel😉

User friendly and best deals

Highly recommended to all kind of travelers

Easy and cost effective

It was really easy to use and contact them on phone. I had to cancel a ticket and they refunded me after deducting the minimum fee. Also in the event of cancelled flight they gave us a better itinerary for the same day for international travel. I recommend this App to anyone.


Did I do something wrong? I’m only getting hotel deals... I see nothing for flights

IPhone only, lol no

There’s nothing quite like having an iPad with you while traveling. But this app only works for iPhones, so I instantly deleted it.


Hopper has come through on multiple occasions with the low fare! Love the instant notification of the fare watch to let you know that the flight you've been eyeing has decreased in price. Thank you Hopper!!! Money saver!

Where are the flights?

The app only allows me to see hotel deals now. No more flight option. Not what it used to be. Avoid this app.

excellent app!!

love this App!

Offers but doesn’t deliver

Legit blows


But once I got the hang of it it was really easy. I didn’t even know this app existed.


How do you add people and schedule time and pick up for a round trip?

Cool app

Works great

Doesn’t include low cost carriers

Scoot, etc aren’t looked at by the app, making it useless for me.

Mary C

No flights from all 3 major airports by NYC to Denver!!!???

Great app BUT...

I love using hopper. I’ve been using it for sometime now. My only complaint is that you are no longer able to see the total price before paying and I feel you should be able to. I’d appreciate it if that was added back. Other than that the app is GREAT!

Made me miss better deals

Not sure why all the positive reviews. I’ve tried using this app for two different trips. Each time it tells me to wait because airfares will drop. But then every time I check on the trip (every 3 days or so), the price the flights are supposed to drop to get higher and higher. So now the price flights will drop to is HIGHER than the first flight I found when Hopper told me to wait! So now I either have to pay $40 more per ticket (and it’s just a one way ticket) OR risk waiting even longer and having prices rise more. I’ll never trust this app again.

Not as great as it used to be

I used to use this app all the time to look at spontaneous trips. There used to be a button that showed you cheap flights in the US and even international, but now it seems like the app is pushing hotel sales... please bring back the feature for cheap flights anywhere!!

Terrible customer service

The app it’s self works pretty good but Hopper has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I was on hold for 2 hours, sent two emails, and the live chat on the app was unavailable. These people clearly do not care about the consumer

Daughter approves and now I approve

Easy ❣️ Done ✅

Book a flight from a doctor’s waiting room.

Very easy app to use. Recommended by a travel professional and worked very well for booking process. Plus the little bunny hopping around looking for deals was very cute


Canceled all my tracked trips for no reason

Does its duty, mostly

I use this app every time I travel. For the most part, it’s pretty helpful. Obviously, it’s not perfect all the time. But it does let me know when a flight is a great deal and to book immediately. I do with it included all available airlines (doesn’t include southwest, which is a relatively inexpensive airline), and that you could filter for times of day the flights are. Ah well, perhaps on a future update.

Wasted my money

Put in a flight a couple months out to watch. Current price was 240 but said to wait to book for better prices. One month out from the flight, it said to book now as prices won’t get better than the current 350. Lost over 100 dollars trying to use this app. Won’t use again

Best travel app

I get the best airline prices with this app and love the watch/notification feature

Very limited selection of airlines

What good is a price tracking app if it excludes some of the largest airlines in the U.S.? Other apps offer the same services as Hopper but include other major airlines like Delta. If you live in a one of their hub cities (Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis or Detroit) this app is next to useless.

It’s fine i suppose.

Can’t seem to find a trip going to where i need but i enjoy the layout of the app.

Not reliable

This app seems great, but it told me to continue to wait for a flight as the prices climbed hundreds of dollars higher. Even though I had selected not to include basic fares, it was watching spirit airlines price which was not moving. It was also considering an airport two hours away from my destination in the price. I would use another method to track flights that allows you to know all of the specifications. Lost $100s because of this app.


Very easy. 1st time to use it and it was so easy!

Used it once—cost me

I used it once to watch a flight to Tokyo. Told me to wait until a certain date for the price I was seeking. Sent me updates as the price descended, telling me to keep waiting for a lower price. Then, the updates stopped. I had to open the app the see the message that I should “buy now,” at $700 above what they said I should wait for. You’re better off just checking ticket prices, manually, throughout the week.

Only issue

No Southwest Airlines fair... otherwise best price going...


Hi, Love the app. But I can’t get my quotes in a dollar amount, I’m unsure if it’s my phone or just the app

Nearly Perfect

This app has saved me so much money, when I’m planning a trip a couple of months in advance. I can set the watch for flights on the dates I’m traveling, then let the app do all the heavy lifting. It’s not as useful when I’m planning something last minute. Planning those trips, I prefer to use Google Flights. Mainly because I can click on a departure date and automatically see the ticket costs for every potential return day in the future.

Use this app!

Love love this app!!! So incredibly helpful.


Thanks Hopper! Now I am traveling like a pro!

Errors will cause a temporary hold on your funds

Just tried to book a flight for me and my four kids moving to another state - search said the seats were available - paid and immediately received an error message and the flight wasn’t booked, but check my bank app and my card was charged. Hopper App says this is a “temporary hold” - 20 minutes later I am still out $1700+ of the $2200 I paid for a supposed reservation that never went thru, plus a $25 Hopper app charge. Need to get this taken care of ASAP, I had been watching the flight for days and saving up and I’m so frustrated. Anxiously awaiting my money back so I can book thru the actual airline and I will never use this app again.


Very difficult to attempt and buy bags.

Reliable app

Be sure to turn notifications on to get the most value for the app.

Not for international flights

So i got this app because im planning a honeymoon from US to New Zealand. Set up a few alerts for local airports to Auckland a few months ago. The price of tickets has been steadily increasing, and it still says to wait (started keeping track at ~$1500, now it’s ~$2000). Looked up some studies and they reported that the best time to buy international flights to South Pacific is 180 days out. Idk why this app kept telling me to wait, it should have told me to buy a long time ago. Yes, it was my decision to continue to wait, but that was due to the poor information and advice offered by this app. I have no clue why it kept telling me to wait. Would never recommend this to anyone.

Having fun

This is a great place to be!


Good. Perfect. 100%

Not at all accurate (end up paying extra money)

I kept my flight from Atlanta to Houston on watch. It kept on saying me that I will be saving 30$ if I wait for another 2 weeks. It says that I will receiving notification if the prices go down. I never received a notification and now the prices went up, and I have to pay more. I hate this man.

So good with one major flaw

I’ve used this app pretty consistently, but finally had to turn off notifications because of unwanted Las Vegas Hotel Deals spam. Now I just check it periodically. Shame.


I’ve used hopper on a few occasions now and it’s fantastic. Easy, reliable and affordable.


Horrible app! The prices are too high. I was about to book a flight using this app, I decided to look on a few other websites, prices were $50-70 cheaper. Plus this app was telling me to BUY NOW prices will go up. Don’t waste your time or money using this app!


This is one of 2 apps I use a lot. This one I use to book my flights - I love using it - it’s very easy, and very informative. Highly recommended and when I give a recommendation it’s because it’s well deserved. I’m hard to please.

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