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Skyscanner killer

Got tired off out of date prices and buying tickets that were not there so i tried this and love it!

Better Judgement

Although this is a very useful app, use your better judgement on the “Wait” advice. I missed an incredible fare to Madrid because I thought that I could wait.

❤️💜💙♥️💚💗this site and the predictions so accurate

Love using new apps to help my travel

Flight Bible

I take a lot of quick trips, usually with enough notice, but I always use Hopper to nail down the best price. Always!

Great find!

I tried searching several other “cheap flight” apps and none were even close to the deal I found on Hopper. Glad I found it.

Incredibly easy to use

Very simple, and easy to book and fly.

App won’t let me sign up

It was an amazing app but now it does not give me the option to sign in, just to sign up... and then it won’t sign me up because I already have an account. I have a flight for tomorrow reserved through Hopper and can’t solve this issue


I think hopper is such a great app for college students who just wanna travel and not have to constantly check prices. Now my girlfriend and I going on a great trip! Thanks Hopper!

Show me more

I never can find the deals that it alerts you too, when you are watching a trip.

Inaccurate flight data

The app is telling me that there are no flights available on the dates I selected. However, when I got to the Expedia app, I can easily find dozens of flights for the dates and locations I want. No point in using this app if it can’t even find flights that others easily can.

It’s useless

You have to sign in in order to book a flight. all I wanted was to see was how much it cost. It doesn’t even let you pick your own seats without signing in.


Hopper saved my birthday !!! I’ll now be in sunny Cali For Nia !!!! THANKS HOPPER !!!

Your Review Link Doesn't Work

Just wanted to let y'all know that your link to leave a review for the app does not work for iOS 11. You need to update it.

Thumbs Up

This App is the best, I’ve saved a lot of money booking on Hopper.

Great service

Always easy to use and saves me money.

Amazing App

This App is so user friendly what I like about this about it gives a good list of alternate travel times clearly states where lay overs are and those things THANK YOU !!

Cheapest and quality service

Hopper is such a great service because they don’t change your ticket price while you’re booking your flight such as cheaptickets and cheapoair. And youre guaranteed the best deals !! Will be booking with again!!!

Hopper was Fantastic!!

Easy to use… Found the cheapest flight, way less expensive than Expedia and other sites… For the price they got me, the other sites were making me do at least one stop… Very pleased…

I love this App

Works amazing and helps you find nice ticket prices


The app kept telling me to wait to purchase and said there will be deals on a certain week. The price tripled the week that was supposed to have the deals. I could wait no longer or there wouldn’t have been any seats on the flight!!!!! I didn’t get a deal! I ended up paying more! It was easy to book the flights with them but I am disappointed.

So far it’s love

Super easy to use and change dates etc. hopper found me a flight for $50!

Perfect App

The EXACT needs of travel

Needs more filters

I am shopping for airfare to a cruise. The flight choices keep offering me 5:00 am return flights. I will not be able to board a flight before noon realistically. I should be able to add times to my search

This is great!

So far so good! I just booked my first trip to South Africa and have watched the prices drop over the past 2 months. I love it!

Wow, simply amazing

This was the fastest, easiest, and most convenient (air travel) booking experience I’ve ever had in my life. Literally took a a few minutes to search, compare flights, find the best trip, signup, snap a pic of my credit card, and book my flight. (Would be great if I could share my itinerary via the app; but overall experience still warrants the 5 stars!)

How much you get paid for that??

Ahem, below me. This app is not useful to me because I don't have time to constantly check my phone for the constant notifications. Some people work. I have a life and am busy much like most people in this world....so this app only makes MORE work for anyone who would actually truly want to benefit from the service it offers. Just like the chick below me who says "do your research"......doesn't that completely defeat the purpose of the app?!? YEP, sure does....so how much did they pay you to write THAT review?!? I am not impressed. Period Point Blank. Don't waste your time on this app unless you do, in fact, enjoy wasting time!

Really wanted to 5 star but..

Had the bunny not locked up a few times while adding passengers, or failed to reboot properly.. I woulda gave it 5 stars. No matter anyways.. still enjoy using as source for scheduling flights.. just not my number one anymore.

Too many notifications!!

Can’t decided which notifications you want. I only want ones for flights I’m watching, not random deals ever few minutes. Let me pick what kinds of notifications I get.


Totally easy to use. Quick process and so cute!

Best Travel App

Hopper has made my traveling experience unbelievable easy, very helpful.

Save $$$$$ and book with ease!

This app is like Google Flights but actually allows you to book (as opposed to GF which leaves you on your own to book after showing you the cheapest pricing). An invaluable resource for thrifty travelers!

Travel arrangement for Seniors

After searching flight it’s delight to know we still have reasonable fare to travel for Senior Adults..

Where do they get their prices?

I just searched a few flights that I have been watching. For all of them Hopper's "current lowest price" was about 20-30€ more than what I'm seeing on other sites, including directly through the airline's sites. That's a big difference considering the prices are all €100-150 each. Kinda seems hard to trust when I can already find cheaper prices than what they are offering me.

Need to exclude certain Airlines

I will not fly certain airlines that have a less than stellar safety record but there is no way to exclude those airlines - for that reason the app loses a lot of functionality. If my cheapest flight is half the price of other airlines but it’s with an airline I will not fly then this app has lost a chunk of usability. Fix that and you’ll get another star.

Kayak is way better

This app is very frustrating

Waste of time - totally useless

This app does NOT notify you when the fares go lower though you set up the alert notification. My flight to Europe increased from 976 to 1575$ and no notification came in. When I went to stupid Hopper of course what it has to say after watching that rabbit running, is “wait”. Sure...🙄 Save the space in your phone and do not use this crap. It’s a complete waste of time and energy. It does not keep an eye on the flights but you have to go on it and manually redo your flights search. So...why do you need an app to remind you to check the flights?

Hopper is Awesome

Seriously such a helpful and useful app. Saved me money on flights and has helped me plan my trips better. Definitely would recommend if you like to and do travel with the desire to spend less getting there and more money there.

Hooper is my Go-To Flight App

I love Hooper! Especially, the notifications on the prices of flights that I chose plus the feature that tells me the chances of certain days being more or less expensive! I like being able to shop all airlines also! Hooper, I’m a fan and happy customer.

Best flight deals ever!

Hopper watches the costs of flights for your trip. It found me a flight for $100 less than what I would usually pay and I didn't have to lift a finger. All you do is select the destination, then the dates, and hopper will push a notification to your device when it finds a cheap flight! Update: lost 2 stars for two reasons. First reason is that I'm probably going to end up paying more because I refuse to fly spirit and that's what hopper is basing the fare off of. Second lost star is because there is no way to exclude certain airlines from the watch list.

App well done

Hopper is great. I like to scour for deals. I don't care where I fly or when, but there are a few trips I want to take I'd the price is right. Hopper has a feature that allows for notifications without entering a date AND without entering a specific city (just a region, like "Malaysia"). What a thoughtful design!! The only feature I wish it had was a filter to exclude certain airlines. For example, I won't fly a particular airline to Bali, no matter the cost, because it's well known for damaged aircraft, capricious departure times, and stranding passengers in dangerous places without help. Just WAY too dangerous for a single woman to travel on. Of course, this airline has GREAT prices. I wish I could remove them from my search so they wouldn't trigger a great-price alert. I'm sure I'm not alone that there are airlines some won't take, or airlines some will only take.

Better, still a couple shortcomings

Have booked many flights through the app; the actual booking process is a dream compared to direct through the airlines. The ‘flexible’ option is a welcome (and long-overdue) enhancement, but still needs to be more flexible—in particular, I may be interested *only* in evening or morning flights in the end date of my trip, if I’m trying to avoid taking time off work. EDIT: Just took a closer look at the ‘flexible’ option and it has a loooong way to go. The shortest option you can choose is “weekends” but this gives me all results for 4-day trips like Tues-Sat. Do you understand what a WEEKEND is, Hopper? Also, let me blacklist specific airlines I don’t want to fly with! Lastly, PLEASE respect my locale settings—it’s very confusing trying to book travel when my iOS calendar starts on Monday but yours always starts in Sunday.

Useful to search but not predicting

App searches current prices, but fails on predictions for future international flights. I tried over the course of six months and every time it told me to wait for better prices. Almost all the “watched” trips increased 40-45% to the departure date. If I had listed it would had certainly cost me much more.


Customer service is the worst spending a lot of time on the phone to try to resolve an issue that's a problem with their app and they couldn't give me any answers if I could give it no stars I would. all I was asking for Was to get a validation code so I could sign up to purchase some airline tickets. The customer service could not do that and I talk to someone in the tech-support would only said to take screenshots of the error message I was receiving.

Spain tickets found

We found Spain tickets at $400 round trip for two people less than 3 months before departure. Granted air Canada had them for $350 RT a month before with no layovers but we were indecisive and waited another month. We honestly didn’t think they would be below $550-600 per person, so this app saved us a couple hundred and made the trip possible. There was a layover getting there and back, but we were happy with the overall experience. The alerts were very helpful as they told us exactly when to buy and when to wait.


Fantastic app and extremely easy to use.

Easy to keep watch

I’ve been using hopper for a while to watch various potential trips. It’s easy to use and it helps find a great deal.

The best App I know!!

Hopper is the MOST useful, well thought out App I know of. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for affordable flights!!

Love this app!

This app really did help me find last minute flights to visit my family abroad!!

Best travel app ever

This app is so easy and so helpful. I love the alerts I was able to book a flight in my budget and I am very happy. I highly recommend this app.


Used hopper many times in the states, first international flight of this magnitude (SEA TO BKK) with them but I did have to uninstall, then reinstall the app, for it to work... hoping it was just a glitch... could have went with countless other platforms but hopper have always been the best so far in price and helpfulness in my exp (my parents live In FL, my brother lives in CO and I live in WA, so I fly a lot.) I WILL DEFIANTLY RATE MY EXP WHEN I GET BACK HOME, IF I GET BACK HOME!!! LOL...

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