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Got a flight

This was so easy and convenient. Hopper found a super good price for my flight.

Great deals

Always get the lowest price with them.


When the app alerts me of lowered prices, more times than not, it miraculously also “can’t fetch” my data due to “server trouble.” How convenient that there are lower prices, and yet I can’t see any of them. Not sure if this is frequent for other users, or if I just have incredibly poor luck with the flights I’m searching and when the servers are down coinciding.

Great but what about Southwest?

I prefer to fly Southwest but I don’t think Hopper tracks them. Either way, it’s a great tool and I’ve definitely saved money using it!

Satisfied customer

Love it!!!

Les Eads

Very easy app to use! Even for the my moderate on line skills!

Recommendations are up to date

I really like how it gives me tips and offer me solutions on relevant airports in nearby cities.

I’m a Happy Hopper!

For me, this was by far the easiest site to navigate!

Wont allow filter out Spirit Airline

I will never, ever fly spirit airline and this app does not allow me to fliter out Spirit airlines in searches so all prices are wrong.


Just Amazing

Great App

Great App to plan your next vacation.


Finally saving money on flights


I LOVE this app I use it for all my trips just saved me $600 on 3 tickets to New Orleans. I have so many worthless apps but this one is so useful, 5 stars!!


Hopper has given me the best rate always b


Very usefull app.. thanks for giving me updates on fares..life saver.. Hopper

Never accurate

I have used this multiple times and it has always been wrong and I always find cheaper flights than what it says they cost

Multiple stops

Haven't been able to quote trips with 1-2 or multiple stops :(


I showed up for my flight to Houston only to be informed that there wasn't any flights to Houston that day I was supposed to be on a flight the day before and was NEVER notified so irate my time off of work is precious ended up booking a flight myself to Houston thank goodness flights where not full

Awesome app

Now you can find good price on out of country ticket throughout this cool app. I loved it!!!

Love this app

So easy to use and it's simple, accurate, alerts you of prices and has no annoying pop-ups. Got my tickets, great price and when I wanted to go.

New Mexico Billiards

So easy, convenient and fast😊


It says if you wait the flights go down, but that’s not always the case.

Good app

I like the ease of using this app to predict flight prices. Sometimes it doesn't pull up flights from major airports for some reason though.

Don't be fooled by the reviews

Was hopeful with this app since it had such high rating. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Predictions and notifications are sketchy. I ended up paying more for my tickets than before I discovered this service.

Spot on

If hopper says wait , wait if hopper says buy , buy they have been spot on

Great app

This is a great app with concise info and easy to use content. Highly recommended!!


I love thus app!

Great finding flights, terrible booking flights

Love this app for finding the best time to buy and researching flights. DO NOT buy tickets through them though!! I have only had headaches with trying to adjust flight plans, losing known traveler numbers (aka showing up the the airport without precheck being on there), and the worst part..... being in the last row of every single flight and leg of a flight. Every. Single. One. We booked tickets months in advance with lots of open seats, and they put us in the last row, next to the bathrooms, with no option to recline. Hopper was unable to change our seats, and since we booked through the app the airlines themselves couldn’t even change our seats when I called. I will never book another flight through this app.

Pure love!

I use this app all the time - the staff are truly great, and so helpful. Everything works so easily, and the prices are good!

Great Site!

So easy to use and terrific prices with no issues.

Who's paying for all of these reviews?

This abysmal app encouraged me to wait for lower prices, after which all the direct flights were snapped up. I am now flying on a connecting flight with two stops for 150% the price. This is not the first time that I've misplaced my faith in Hopper. I am deleting this app and will encourage everyone I know to do the same.


This app is absolute garbage. Kept telling me at 650 that then[rice would go down 150-200. Never happened, flight is now 1100. Don’t trust this bs.

Renee D

Great app!! Made hunting for the best fares easy!

Real money saver!

I just saved nearly $1,000 booking a flight through this app. I had a little flexibility on dates and Hopper suggested dates I could fly and save 40%, nearly $1,000. I’d say they earned their $5 charge on this one.

The best!!!

I have not seen deals better than this anywhere else!!!! Totally worth it to plan trips as well as have your trips monitored so you know when to purchase.

First time user. Love travel

Looking forward to more Hopper experiences. Will tell you when Trip is complete.

Best app to find you low prices .!

It’s fast and very reliable.! Great to find best prices

Excellent app

Hopper was very easy to use and saved me money on my flight!



Got a killer deal

Got an amazing deal during holidays. Love this app. Faster at notifying of deals then google flights. Much better than kayak at finding cheaper flights.

The best

Such a great help and fun to look at, too. For real my favorite app!

Beating the Airlines

Airlines and insurance companies use revenue models that rip off people. This is the opportunity to beat them at they own game.

Love this app!!!

I love how this app watches flights for you and notifies me as soon as the prices drop or rise. It also gives you predictions on the price fluctuation. Super easy to book thru Hopper too!

Want great flight prices and options? Use this app!

Great app that's easy to use and gets the best flight prices available!


My friend told me about Hopper yesterday. I love it so easy and quick to learn and operate. Thank you all 🙏🏻

Great, just needs more filters

Great interface and easy to use. I just wish there were more filters. I want to set a price threshold to receiving a notification.


Not impressed! I have been waiting to book a flight to Alabama, I was going to book last month the ticket prices were 300. Hopper told me to wait, I've been checking every day as the app said prices would drop to 250, today I looked and prices have climbed to 466 dollar! Now I'm spending almost 166 more then I should be. Last time I'll use this app!

Lima to Cusco Peru

Hopper kept telling me to wait and wait. Then told my to buy when it was at its highest. Let. Down.

It doesn't work

I tried all screens, tried to watch, search, creat an account and it says "server trouble". When I click on the link to check it online it says the server is working normally. Didn't have a chance to even try.

Excellent customer service

Very helpful and kind customer service.

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