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Where is Delta Airlines?

I really like this app. The only issue I have with Hopper is that Delta Airline flights aren’t included. If this is ever accomplished, I will give you 5 stars.

Easy App for Booking Flights

Hopper App is super easy to use and searches best prices. It notified me every time a price was going to change! Tried different apps before for flight searches...Hopper is by far the best so far!

Great great great


New user-very pleased

I have not purchased a ticket yet, but love the feature that it gives me price change updates and also recommends as to whether or not it is a good deal.


Super easy cant beat it

Easy as pie

I love Hopper, it’s so easy to use. Prices are competitive and fare drop alerts are on target.

Excellent Price, Fast Service

It took no time to do and price was much better!

Making dreams come true!

So, my colleague told me about this app because she uses it frequently. I was invited to take a trip to Florida and then in about 15 minutes found a great rate, with only 1 stop and great times for departure and arrival!!! THANKS HOPPER!!! 😀

Practical. Creative Interface. Try it!

I've enjoyed organizing travel since 1985. I'm old enough to remember the printed Thomas Cook European train timetable, and the OAG handbook for US flights. Today, my favorite airfare search tool is the Matrix Web interface by ITA Software. There are, of course umpteen iOS apps for finding fares. Hopper is the only innovator I've seen lately. In particular, the calendar interface, with its intuitive traffic light color scheme (green = cheap, orange = more expensive, red = expensive), is the best I've seen. It reminds me of the traveler's calendar ("calendrier des voyageurs") from SNCF (French National Railways) and Air Inter/Air France. In those days, you tried to travel during the "période bleue" (blue period) in the little calendar leaflet that was published every quarter. Today, Hopper generates such a calendar dynamically, based on current fare data. Try it! The people who created it clearly know something about travel.

Great deals

Up to the task .. loving it!

Fantastic resource

Hopper is so easy and convenient to use, really a great, low-hassle resource for planning trips!

The only way to plan flights!

The title says it all!

Good deals

It works

I’m left feeling a bit dupped....

This is the first time that I’ve purchased multiple tickets using Hopper. When I went to purchase my four tickets I was bumped out of my transaction twice. The first time I was bumped out because an old card of mine was linked to the app ( transaction would not process- inactive acct). The second time I was able to choose the card I wanted to use, which I had already entered into the system. During the time it took to re-select my flights and pay, the total of my transaction increased approximately $100.00. I feel like Hopper knew I wanted the tickets and used their advantage to bounce me out and charge me more for a single transaction a mere 60-90 seconds after I attempted to complete it the first time.

Love finding cheap flights to see family more often

I’ve gotten to see family more often because Hopper sends alerts on my favorite spots to fly!

It works

Last summer I booked a flight to Indonesia with numerous connecting flights. It works.

Always having trouble connecting to server!!

Though I like this app, it is always having trouble connecting to the server! Whether on WiFi or LTE! Please fix!


This is a scam app! They will get your money and they’re gone, no customer service, no help because they have sold the ticket and have gotten the money and you’re no one anymore. I experienced a really bad situation because of their poor and I should say non existing customer service. Paid a whole new charge because of their poor contact support. Don’t waste your money with them. They’re not known at all, you buy a ticket and nobody is their to assist you anymore. For a company or a business it’s required to have a customer service number where users can easily receive assistance not through email but through phone number.


This app is okay I guess, I was booking a trip to Portland from LA and was referred to this app by a colleague. So the way these apps and 3rd party sites like Expedia for example work is they buy a group of tickets per plane the moment they go on sale, and since it’s guaranteed money for the airline they get them for a discounted price and then turn around and adjust the price of the ticket depending on demand, time, market etc all of which is fine except for a few things. Let’s say you buy a ticket and mess up your ticket information, or if the app messes up your information, you’ll have to go back and forth with the company about exchanges and reimbursements which takes time, meanwhile the price of your ticket continues to go up. Or if the same scenario happens when you’re checking in to the airport the day of your flight, long story short you won’t be flying that day, vs if you buy it from the airline directly they can help you right then and there and get you on your flight. I was going to buy a ticket from hopper but decided to hold off, the price continued to go up and they continue to tell me it’ll drop. I then looked at different “cheaper” 3rd party sites and their prices were more than hoppers, not to mention I could only select from a few different flight times and it was all very limited. I assumed that buying direct from the airline was going to cost waaayyy more than this app or a 3rd party, but I ended up going on Alaska airs website and got a ticket for my wife and I for hear this, cheaper than I could’ve gotten a ticket for one of us for.. So to be clear, I was able to choose from about 30 different flights, any time I wanted, no 20 hour layovers which are commonplace for this app and 3rd party sites, I got to choose which seats I wanted to sit on for both flights, my child gets to fly free (3rd party site tried charging me $35) and I get the guarantee from the airline on my tickets in case anything comes up the day of my flight, and I got 2 tickets round trip for the price of 1 ticket that hopper and 3rd party sites are trying to charge me... I’ll plan ahead and buy from the airline every time


Fast and easy! Color coded dates to select cheapest flights made everything easy.

Delete this app

Don’t use this app, it is Terrible!!! 1) when you choose your date for flights, make sure you check 10 times. Your return flight date is a day will be early. 2) fees and policies is a cluster of a mess, I willing to pay for the change fee, but failed to mention of adding the difference. Save yourself, stay away DELET this app. This app deserves -1000 stars Apple needs to delete Hopper from their App Store. 3) terrible customer service 4) this app is a scam 5) report this company to the Better Business Bureau

Great service

Love this App. So much better than web travel sights.

Quicker, easier and cheaper!!

Loved booking through this app! They even helped us see that if we changed the dates a little the cost was much less. Great experience so far but we haven’t actually flown yet. Hope it goes smoothly.


Thankfully I had purchased my flight already but the Book Now notification came a short time after I had booked. Pretty useful app.

It’s cool

Convenient and accurate


I’ve booked most of my trips with Hopper for the last few years. No issues with the app ever. I recommend Hopper to just about everyone who gets bit by the travel bug. Perfect for those planned-ahead vacations, big or small.

It really does work

It does find you really good deals, you just have to be patient. Love the app

Flight to Omaha for CWS -$98 1-way?

Found a great price and time all for a $100! Pack a backpack and avoid Frontiers fees. Thanks Hopper!


You Rock. Can’t wait for Rome.

No ability to filter flights

Compared to other flight search engine, Hopper seems to be the ONLY ONE that doesn’t allow you to filter the search, such as seat type (premium economy), number of stop (1 or 2) and selected carrier (exclude carrier ABC).


i absolutely would not change a single thing about this app. it is amazing and i will always use this app for booking flights from now on. plus, that bunny is adorable!!! dont hesitate to get this app if you like getting good deals on flights! very helpful!!! 5 stars without a doubt.


I download app and did what it said wait flights aren’t at the best price. I wound up continuing to wait which caused me to pay $200 more then when I started looking at flights. This app also only works for frontier airline.


Checking Hopper daily will help you find amazing deals!

This app is magical and a money saver!

First two flights I ever looked for were purchased at ridiculously low prices thanks to Hopper. An easy app to navigate. So worth it…download it now and start saving!!

Travel time

Easy to use🤩

Best Booking Site!!!

As easy booking a flight for entire family as I have ever experienced

Love this App!

I am so happy that a friend of mine let me know about this app! My travel plans were a breeze to book, and I would definitely recommend this app for anyone looking for simplicity!!

Not the best flights

I travel a lot overseas and even if I am super flexible when it comes to travel dates, this app still doesn’t find best deals at all. I went to idealo.com at the time I used the app (tried it a bunch of times and different days and times) and it’s still at least $100 more per flight on Hopper...too bad! Wish it worked!

Trip to Tokyo

Not sure how I learned to subscribe to notifications on Hopper but I could not be be more pleased with the quality of the site and notifications. Honest is what comes to mind. In addition, tonight I acted upon a notification from Hopper regarding a round trip to Tokyo that was an incredible deal and purchased without a glitch. Thank you Hopper!

No notifications

The app is suppose to notify me when the price goes up or down but it doesn’t !!!


Awesome app

Doesn’t show all flight available

This app doesn’t show all the flights available. In fact, it sometimes excludes major airlines. In my case, when searching on google there were dozen of flights available for around $500, but this app showed the cheapest flight at $3000 and up. Thanks, but no thanks.


I always find the best prices! Which is very important because I travel for work. Never had any problems.


Need multi city option

Wonderful app

Prices in hopper were $100 less than on the airline’s website

Cheap prices

Doing business with them for years now.


Hopper! You let me down for the first time in a long time. I was watching a flight daily for weeks. And every day it said don’t book. Wait. You can save. Then today it finally says book or you could spend more. But two months ago I could have bought the flight for $140 and now I have to play $180.

J’adore Hopper !!!

Je faisais des recherches moi-même et Hopper et en effet le moins cher !!! Merci Hopper !!

It does the job for you

It gives you constant updates about flights’ prices. It also gives you advice whether to wait or buy the ticket without putting pressure. Sometimes the flight’s price will drop or raise after the purchase, but I still think it is worth it.

Amazing, punctual, accurate

The second that a flight is cheaper, they can notify you (which is incredible). I signed up for notifications on google flights and hopper for my upcoming flight, and I received the notification of a cheaper flight from hopper 5 hours before google flights sent me an email notification. I’ve used Hopper for the last 4 flights I’ve been on and I don’t regret it whatsoever. Lifesaver!!

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