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Very useful app


To get the best prices on flights

Great & reliable app but multi-destination and filters needed!!!

Hopper is really easy to use, you can get your tickets in a few clicks with only 5€ few and great visibility on how to save money! However, 2 things are missing to make the most of Hopper : 1.multi destination search engine is a real miss!!! 2.the price calendar should also work with filters, as for now those are only available on the flights tab at the end of the search process... Visibility on price calendar with specific criteria is a necessity, for example to compare all direct flights on a week, or all flights with 1 stop and less than 15 hours length, etc.) With those 2 adjustments Hopper would be the 1 and only 1 reference to book all your flights and save money!!! Please work on those Hopper team!!! Thank you

Not the one which I will use

I chose it to download because of new UI and wonderful ad on Twitter. But the disappoints me a lot. Tried it for one week but never found a good deal in comparison to skyscanner.de So sorry but I have to delete the app.

Wrong prices

Downloaded the app so I wouldnt have to keep checking Skyscanner every day. Luckily I still checked Skyscanner as well as Hopper sent notifications of low prices and "book now" when I could see cheaper ones online. Waste of time. Im back on checking Skyscanner

Ill never use another search machine

I absolutely LOVE this app!

Love it

Tells me everything I need to know. Notifies me when prices are low. Love this app.

Very helpful planning tool

Excellent for determining best costs for flights. The price watch feature is extremely helpful and works well. Ive told others that travel that this is a great app to use

Very useful. Predictions are accurate so far.

Predictions are accurate so far. Timely updates. Very useful for booking flights in advance.

Best ever

This app has saved me thousands. I flew my family of 3 to maui at Christmas for $900 Total!! Everyone I tell about it cant believe how great it is.

amazing apps!

always working well! except for smaller or more remote route but otherwise very good!


Easy to use and good prices. It would be good if they had more data on smaller airports but we cant have it all

Good but doesnt show lowest prices

Good layout and easy to use. I like the recommendations on when to book but still isnt showing the lowest possible prices. I went online to look for flights after to compare and found a lot cheaper air fares with the same airlines.

Other airline companies are not included

You should include Tunis Air in your research! I looked for Montreal Tunis flight in September the best was 979 with RAM with a stop in Casablanca!!! I found a better deal with Tunis Air for 898 and DIRECT NON STOP flight!!!!

Incredibly Useful

This is one of the most useful tools when planning a trip. I consult it every time I consider going somewhere.

Very useful app

Handy and useful for alerts on best flight prices. Can have several alerts going at once for variety of locations. I found this app very helpful to find the best rate in an uncomplicated, "one-stop shop" kind of way! It was recommended to me, and I have recommended it to others as well.

Great app!!

Its very helpful when it comes to find you great deals!! Totally recommended!!

Let Hopper do all the work

Simple to use. I have several watches in place. I have not used the app to completion so I will re-rate it then.

Awesome App

I love this app!! Ive always been able to find the best price using Hopper. They also saved me $$$ because they allow you 24 hours to change or cancel your booking with no cost.

Just broken

This app used to work great, but now I cant even search for a single flight. Broken app, now deleted never to be used again. Fix your app or lose more customers like you lost me.

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