Hopper - Watch & Book Flights App Reviews

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Best app for flights!

This is the best way to book a flight. Tells you what will happen with the price if you wait. Shows the price with all the fees included. Someone finally got it right!

Save Time Save Money

Very helpful and easy to use. Love it.

Love it!

Crazy helpful. I only fly after checking Hopper FIRST

Best flight recommendations app

Ive used them all and Hopper is by far the best!! Some of the best features are: Color coded booking recommendations, Suggestions on when to wait or when the right time to buy your airfare, Easy to use, And very accurate. Congrats team Hopper!! You guys are making a difference.

Love the notifications

Hopper has saved me a Lot of time and headache. I love the notifications and advice. The one thing I have found is the price can lots of time be found cheaper.


Awesome tool

Dont fly without it

So hoppy I found this app.

Loving it!

I honestly cant wait to book my flight and go see my parents, everything at the cheapest price!


And gives tips!

Hopper is my bible

I never book a flight without consulting Hopper first. I rely on its projections completely and recommend it to everyone whenever the subject matter comes up. Keep up the good work!

Helpful App

Its a very helpful to plan trip in advance and take a note on when is the best time to buy your air tickets. Suggestions are looking right. Definitely saves some bucks. Thumbs Up!


Without you thinking about it, its working for you! Great app!

Love this app!

Not only is Hopper user friendly, their predictions are spot on. Also, booking a flight is so easy. I also like the bunny hopping across the screen.


I love to travel & this site has me checking in on all my expected travel dates for the next several months. It seems to include most of the airlines I would use, and has been accurate and fun to use. Highly recommend not just for the price trend data, but for squeezing in those trips you do not *think* you will be able to afford next year.

Love it!

This is a great app to find cheap flights!

Love it!!!!

I love the notifications and the tracking. Best travel app I have used! I never actually buy the tickets from the app. But directly from the airline. But this is the great tool to track those days and find the best deals.

Useless in Canada

Tried to find a flight from Ottawa to Winnipeg and it could only find flights for the next two months... On top of that, apparently there is only flights every second or third day (which I know is false). Complete waste of time! Youre better off searching online yourself.

Love this app!

Very easy to use and always reliable!

Amazing App

Love this app !!!

Great but no delta

Good app but no not allowed To show delta and few airline prices .. So if delta has the lowest ticket price u would not know unless United has a huge price drop

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